208 W. Fairfield
P.O. Box 122
Clay Center,
Nebraska 68933


Our Mutual Legacy & Mission Statement

The early settlers of this area had to be a tough and independent breed. It took hard work and courage to tame this land that was not so very long ago a wilderness. Most of these pioneers prized their independence above almost everything else.

Yet, they also know the value of team work. By working together, they secured a safer, better world without giving up their cherished sense of independence. It is from this proud tradition of independence balanced with teamwork that Clay County Mutual Insurance Company was born. Settlers learned quickly that banding together for mutual financial protection benefited all. The elements of nature, fire, or other unexpeced property loss became manageable if all worked together.

Since 1891, Clay County Mutual Insurance Company has been doing our best to carry on the proud legacy. Our policyholders tend to be a hard working independent group. They recognize the wisdom and benefit of mutually protecting their property and valuables by uniting with friends and neighbors to protect one another at the lowest possible premium dollar.

Our mission has not changed since 1891. We still strive to give you the best possible coverage for the lowest possible premium. Our claims service is second to none and we promise to deliver all of this with the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Meet Our Team

President Darrell Kluver
Vice President Dennis Shuck
Corporate Secretary
General Manager
L. Wayne Johnson
Director Gary Briggs
Director Calvin Ferrell
Director Bob Swanson
Office Manager
Asst. Secretary
Lori Veik
Assistant Manager Dan Matthews